Froodies, booties, and goofy hats…oh my!

Dressing a Frenchie for the cold weather can be both an art project and a wrestling match.  But always enjoyable.  They love to be warm and cuddle in front of the fire and under the covers, but when its time to go outside, the decision of outerwear counts! Shandy is 1 years old, she will… Continue reading Froodies, booties, and goofy hats…oh my!

Pardon my Frenchie!


So its a beautiful morning and Shandy and I are taking our typical morning stroll near the water.  Shandy frolics to enjoy the company of two boaters walking towards her. As they lean to pet her……….She farts…..and its not just the typical soundless entity…..its a series of small bursts of sound that create a tremor of smile lines in everyone’s face…….OH SHANDY, HOW I LOVE THY!

me and my derpy girl