Whoever said “Frenchies free the soul, and obsess your funny bone” was correct. Oh wait, that was me!  My name is Lindsey and my Frenchie, Shandy, and I love to explore new things and take adventures around our Town.  Some may say that I am obsessed with my dog, others may think its a healthy attachment, but what I say is “Frenchies are fly” ha ha. Yep I have officially turned into my father. Corny jokes for days followed by overly excited conversations that often lead to marble mouth in an attempt to get the story out as fast as possible.

Shandy and I are a combined 29 years old (hint: Shandy just turned 1) and we love paddle boarding/kayaking with our friends, exploring new craft beers, dancing, and simply living our life to the fullest. Basically if a dog is allowed to be in that establishment, you better believe Shandy and I will be attending.


daffodils are dandy
daffodils are dandy

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