2017: The year of the Frenchie

Its a new year and I have a couple things on my mind. Where to start. Well for one….I am very excited that this year ends in the number 17.  Its a lucky number for me and I am feeling lucky this year! Good things are going to happen and Shandy feels the same way.


I asked Shandy the other day what I should change or improve in my life and she looked at me with a slanted head and farted. Welp I guess I can’t ask a Frenchie for life advice huh?  This new year I am promising myself two things:

#1)  Blog More.  I want to participate more in my blog and actively write at least twice a month.  I have so much to share and I always forget to do it or I get too busy. You won’t believe the kinds of stories I have saved up for you guys. Owning a Frenchie truly creates the greatest real-life derpy fairly tale imaginable.  The cover page to my life would show Shandy in a super awkward position (ex. her legs sprawled out and her lady bits in view for the whole world to see. All the while looking at me like I was doing something wrong)  and me questioning the sitting position.  She is a lady like that.

#2) Become financially organized. That may sound a bit confusing but during these last couple months, or maybe my whole life, I have noticed that I have trouble keeping tabs my finances and when the bills come out of my account. Therefore, causing me to have a small panic attack until I finally realize I have some cash stashed somewhere in my junk drawer. I really need to get my life together. Its about time I took responsibility for my spending.

2017 is the year of the Frenchie and nothing can get in our way.  We will overcome our obstacles, fight for what we believe in, and have courage facing our biggest fears…….adulthood.




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