Paddle Boarding with a Frenchie

A beautiful day always starts off with a smile and ends with sunset paddleboarding on the bay with your best friend. Shandy Belle and I ventured into the unique waters of Spa Creek last Wednesday late afternoon.  Capital SUP hosted a group event titled “Yappy Hour:  SUP with your Pup!” (more info here).  After work I gathered all our necessary equipment for this adventure.  I packed the Go Pro, her life jacket (she can’t swim properly), sunscreen, and lots of water.

DSC_6890 (1).jpg
Making friends while Paddleboarding is the best!

We met all kinds of sweet dogs and great people.  Our friend Angelica and Zeus were there, which made Shandy extra excited!  After all the pups were ready, it was time to board. Some riders chose the technique of climbing on themselves and then calling their reluctant dog to the board.  This was successful for some but for many, the loading style involved a slow crawl on the board and a small tug on the collar of our furry friends.  The board teetered back and forth as each fur-rider balanced their sea legs.  Just envision a group of individuals coaxing their large and small pups to settle/sit, while the risk of falling in greatly increased each moment their loving pet struggled to figure out what was happening.  Ha Ha. Needless to say, Shandy and I eventually made it on the board and paddled to the group of excited paddlers and their fur-mates.

Shandy learning to balance on the board.


Angelica and Zeus

We traveled out into Spa Creek, making our way towards the Eastport Bridge. Built in 1946, this bridge spans 832 feet from Downtown Annapolis to the Eastport Neighborhood (once know as “horn point”).


It was beautiful and the sun warmed the deep red colors of the Bridge causing a tranquil effect. This many me thankful for that very moment and everything I have been able to do and accomplish since my move into this town about a year ago.

Shandy and I make out way towards the bridge as others around us praised their pups for staying seating on their paddleboards. Shandy climbed to the front of the board, to the furthest tip and slowly lowers her head to smell the salty, fishy water.  As she does this, a small wake reaches us and she slides right off the board. Her face at that moment read “Holy Crap”, but little did she know momma had her back.  I lifted her handle on the life jacket she was wearing and calmly set her back on the board.  She shook and shook and shook until all the water came off of her and out of her ears.  I consoled her and told her she was a good girl and the smile only grew bigger on her face.  She was ready to keep going. She may not have liked falling into the water but she was thoroughly enjoying the ride. Her giant floppy tongue hung out of her mouth and her cheeks rose to a large goofy smile (complete with tooth caught derpy lip).  She was having a blast.



We circled other paddlers who were teetering on their boards as their pup decided to change positions causing a shaky leg effect for both riders.  Laughter and enjoyment could be heard from everyone, until the wave of sailboats rushed in and nearly took us out.  The sailboat race was finishing up and the Finish Line was at the Eastport Bridge. Paddleboarders were supposed to stay towards the edges of the creek, but some were too far in the middle. Those who were in the path of the boaters received gifts of mild profanities, and hard/cold stares. Sorry Bro.  We quickly moved and by quickly I mean, we froze and forgot how to paddleboard all at once. It was an entertaining sight.  Sailboats were everywhere and so were dogs and paddleboards. Overall, the sail boaters were very nice about us sharing the creek with them. They took pictures, waved, and even gave compliments on balance.  This Neighborhood is a close knit bunch of people with a heart for sailing and I admire their passion.

This adventure was both memorable and exciting! We will definitely be back for more soon.


Thanks to Jennifer Squillario from, we were able to capture the greatest moments from our adventure out in Spa Creek.  Thank you to Capital SUP for a great time!!!  To see more pictures from the event click here.

If you are interested in doing the Yappy Hour: Paddle with pups, please visit their website at

Their next event is today 9/7/2016 @ 6:30 off Boucher Ave in Annapolis, MD.  See their facebook for more information.  Its a great way to spend alittle time with your favorite furry animal and bask in the beauty of the city we all love.

a quiet sunset and a beautiful view

*******pictures captured by Jennifer Squillario of, a travel blog with a passion for wilderness and adventure (check her out today)*******


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