Shandy Short: #1 Poo Catcher

I am introducing a new fun way to keep up with my followers.  Shandy is hilarious and the only way I can share the hilarity appropriately is to post short bursts of humor as a “short”.  Its never long, always fun, and constantly entertaining. Lets Begin…..



Have you ever dreamed you had to go to the bathroom?  Well I can only assume this is what Shandy was doing, because what happened next can only be explained by a poorly timed sleep sesh. Here is goes….Shandy trusted a fart in her sleep. (envision me shaking my head in disbelief as I type this).  We were visiting Momo and watching a movie with Meme when all of a sudden I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  A small nugget of poo was sliding dangerously close to leaving its safe home in the butt. At first I stared in shock, then I scrambled to think of the best way to handle this situation.  The longer I waited the closer the poo was getting to escaping.  With a jolt, I shook Shandy awake which only made matters worse.  The poo shot of her butt like a small stinky bullet.  I caught the poo in my hands with my cat like reflexes because I knew how mad momo would be if it landed on her nice couch.

So there I am standing, looking at Shandy, holding her poo.  We both look at each like “What the heck just happened”.  Shandy didn’t know and I was clueless. Meme, who was sitting on the couch next to us was beyond grossed out and voiced her opinion with a couple dry heaves.  I then discarded  the poo in its proper receptacle, Washed my hands about 4-5 times and then went back to our movie.  We will never know what the heck happened in her dream, but I do know next time it happens I will be sure to have a paper towel handy. Who knew something so adorable could produce something so gross.


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