Shandy Short #2: Farm Zoomies

Woodsview Farm is a beautiful place where our family gets together and enjoys the great outdoors.  We go ATV riding, move dirt, hunt, and do anything else you can possibly think of at a farm. Shandy’s favorite thing to do is Farm Zoomies.

Shandy loves ATV Riding with momo

Farm Zoomies can be anywhere from a small circle around the rose bush to a large oval around the barn and house.  She is an expert at the larger zoomies.  Sometimes I feel like I need to put a little orange flags on a stick coming off of her like on a toddlers tricycle because she is so quick and I want people to see her when they are driving the farm equipment.

During Easter, we went to the farm for a visit.  I was unaware of the large amount of foul smelling dark dirt that was Everywhere.  As soon as Shandy left my car, she went straight for it and tried to gobble as much up of it as she could possibly get.  This lead to my grandmother, mother, father and myself strategically blocking this smelly dirt with our feet, large tools, and sometimes our body. This Farm Zoomie definitely created a stinky situation.  Needless to say, I ended up giving Shandy and myself an intense wipe down with baby wipes.

Leash Rules now apply when entering the farm until a stinky dirt perimeter check is complete.


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