Shandy Short #2: Farm Zoomies

Woodsview Farm is a beautiful place where our family gets together and enjoys the great outdoors.  We go ATV riding, move dirt, hunt, and do anything else you can possibly think of at a farm. Shandy’s favorite thing to do is Farm Zoomies. Farm Zoomies can be anywhere from a small circle around the rose… Continue reading Shandy Short #2: Farm Zoomies


Paddle Boarding with a Frenchie

A beautiful day always starts off with a smile and ends with sunset paddleboarding on the bay with your best friend. Shandy Belle and I ventured into the unique waters of Spa Creek last Wednesday late afternoon.  Capital SUP hosted a group event titled “Yappy Hour:  SUP with your Pup!” (more info here).  After work… Continue reading Paddle Boarding with a Frenchie

When a Frenchie changes your life.

Never in a million years would I think that my dog would ever teach me something. Well Folks here it is.  To start off, my family and I were always Dachshund people and we loved those little wiener dogs, and we still do.  But the day I bought my first Frenchie, something happened.  Something inspiring,… Continue reading When a Frenchie changes your life.

Froodies, booties, and goofy hats…oh my!

Dressing a Frenchie for the cold weather can be both an art project and a wrestling match.  But always enjoyable.  They love to be warm and cuddle in front of the fire and under the covers, but when its time to go outside, the decision of outerwear counts! Shandy is 1 years old, she will… Continue reading Froodies, booties, and goofy hats…oh my!

It’s All fun and games until someone is covered in Blue!!!!

USA USA USA!!!!! The 4th of July was definitely a weekend to remember. Everyone put on their patriotic attire, including Shandy! Thursday we arrived to a monsoon of Rain, which gave us a perfect excuse to entertain ourselves with card games and tasty beverages.  We chose Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.  The delicious lemony fresh goodness never… Continue reading It’s All fun and games until someone is covered in Blue!!!!