Christmas Kisses

Santa once told me…..”If you love something, kiss them with Red Lipstick.”

Just kidding, no one has ever told me that but I think its a great motto to have.  Shandy was not amused when I came in for a big smooch on the cheek.  But I left my small mark on her face and she could not be happier.

This past weekend, I participated in my 4th annual Santa Speedo Run in downtown Annapolis.  Even though it didn’t consist of many miles, the cold made it feel much longer.  Hundreds of my fellow Christmas lovers joined together in a frigid frolick up main st and around church circle.  We took the town by storm in our tiny costumes consisting of mainly tinsel and jingle bells. It was definitely a site to see.

Returning to the bar, O’Briens, hearing bagpipes and screams from the excited crowds welcoming us back would put anyone in the Christmas spirit.  I had a blast and I will definitely continue this tradition with my girls next year too!


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