What Christmas means to me.

If someone were to ask me what Christmas meant to me, I would break out in the biggest smile ever! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

Christmas is a time to be kind and be merry.  Forget all your troubles, stress, and problems, to enjoy the best things in life. To me this means spending copious amounts of time with my family, drinking way too much hot chocolate, cuddling with loved ones (Shandy is usually front and center), and creating memories that will last forever. Its not the traditions, or the eggnog, or the Fa la la la la that make Christmas what it is.  Its the way you feel and the way you make others feel during the season.

Christmas carols are nice but they just aren’t the same, when you can’t recall one moment you sang and danced with your mom and Nana in the kitchen with aprons on during a Harry Connick song.  I love my family and appreciate everything they have taught me about kindness and being your true happy self.  As a friend once told me, “You are the boss of you, you are in charge of your own happiness”-Julie Dellinger .   A smile is contagious, spread the cheer!  Be kind to your neighbor and simply smile.  🙂

What does Christmas mean to you?

Merry Christmas Everyone and Wish you the Happiest of all Holidays!

Smiles Always,

Lindsey and Shandy

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One thought on “What Christmas means to me.

  1. It is moments like these when a mother realizes how very proud she is of her children and who they have become. Thank you for being you! Merry Christmas~


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