Shandy Short #2: Farm Zoomies

Woodsview Farm is a beautiful place where our family gets together and enjoys the great outdoors.  We go ATV riding, move dirt, hunt, and do anything else you can possibly think of at a farm. Shandy’s favorite thing to do is Farm Zoomies. Farm Zoomies can be anywhere from a small circle around the rose… Continue reading Shandy Short #2: Farm Zoomies


Paddle Boarding with a Frenchie

A beautiful day always starts off with a smile and ends with sunset paddleboarding on the bay with your best friend. Shandy Belle and I ventured into the unique waters of Spa Creek last Wednesday late afternoon.  Capital SUP hosted a group event titled “Yappy Hour:  SUP with your Pup!” (more info here).  After work… Continue reading Paddle Boarding with a Frenchie

When a Frenchie changes your life.

Never in a million years would I think that my dog would ever teach me something. Well Folks here it is.  To start off, my family and I were always Dachshund people and we loved those little wiener dogs, and we still do.  But the day I bought my first Frenchie, something happened.  Something inspiring,… Continue reading When a Frenchie changes your life.