My Bestie Has Super Powers

Real Talk….My best friend Brenda is some kind of Sorcerer or Super Hero.  Oh now you are curious aren’t you. Read on to find out why……

What does “being healthy” mean to you?  To me its more than what types of food and drink you put into your mouth.  Being healthy means actively seeking a state of happiness and contentment.  Having a healthy “state of mind.”  I have searched high and low for the perfect recipe to share with you but ultimately came to the conclusion that this combination is always changing and never the same. It will always depend on where your mind is and what kind of attitude you have at that moment.

The other day I was struggling at work and trying to stay positive was a real hassle.  All day long, I waited for the moment I could exit my square beige cubicle and flutter into the world and explore.  I had been looking forward to my workout with my best friend Brenda and her life coach Becky.  I knew I would feel better once I worked out but I had no idea the amount of change I would experience.

If you are looking for a gym that has it all including a bad ass team of fitness innovators, Future of Fitness is it! Its not the equipment you have to work with that fulfills the great results, but the power team that gets you there.  Goal after Goal, Becky has been crushing the score for many individuals looking for a life coach to help with their transformation.  Brenda sees her more frequently then I, which is why she looks like Goddess of the Greatest Booty in Maryland. If you want to find out more about Future of Fitness click HERE. (disclaimer:  I am not receiving any incentives what-so-ever to write these words. This is my true and honest voice)

IMG_2870             IMG_2873

The workout consisted of alot of time on the TRX and on our hands and toes.  Between the squat thrusts and the TRX tricep work, I was a power house of energy, but it wasn’t until Brenda’s positive vibes were motion that I felt shiny. lol Yes I said “Shiny”.

IMG_2875   IMG_2878     IMG_2877

According to, Shiny mean “filled with light”  or ” Giving off or reflecting light readily or in large amounts“.  Yep that is exactly what was happening. On that rainy day, she spread her shiny happiness to me when I was in a funk.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I was also physically shiny because I was sweating profusely from my sad, sad pull-up  attempts, but in my soul I could feel the goodness and the happy energy. See what I mean now……”Shiny?” I could not have asked for a better transformation.  I told you, she is mother f’in Sorcerer.

2016-04-20 19.02.33
Goddess of Happiness and her trusty pug thug

During the drive home, I smiled big and thought to myself ……”Thank you Brenda,…..I feel Great” and not the kinda “Great” that describes a Gatsby or a wall in china, but a more spiritual and illuminating “GREAT.” Brenda’s infectious happiness is shiny beacon of hope in your soul that can bring you out of any funk imaginable.

Its amazing what a Bestie and booty workout will do for your health and well being. I definitely recommend it. Do it! Go find your bestie with the super powers and thank her for always being there.


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