Shandy Short #3: Poo Snacks

You know that saying, “You are what you eat.”  Well, let me tell you a story….

Shandy has proven that it is mostly true.  The delightfully, all natural, tasty treats that I have available for her are no match for the mouth watering poo morsel’s that she prefers located in my parents backyard.  Deer poo.  Goose poo. Fox poo. All the poo. {sigh}

After a beautiful weekend staying at my parents house, located off of the Chesapeake Bay. Shandy became very sick.  At first I just thought she had eaten something weird (as usual), but then she started to become uninterested in food.  She was super lethargic and only laid around the house.  She was not her normal, derpy self.

Two days go by and she isn’t eating, so I take her to the vet as soon as I can.  First thing I thought was, “Great, what the heck did she eat this time.”  {ding….light bulb}


I don’t understand why she is so ravenous towards the piles of excrement, but I assume its because she hates me.  Just kidding. I know she doesn’t hate me.  Some people will say “oh, she is missing nutrients in her diet” or “You should be a better dog mom and prevent it from happening.”

Newsflash:  Dogs eat poo.  Is it normal? I would say yes.  Is it good for them?  Absolutely not!

Preventing the Poo Binge from happening is almost impossible in my parents backyard.  A small farm of wildlife reside there 24/7 and because its so close to the water, all kinds of water foul drop goodies on the lawn to snack on.  This includes: fish bones, crab shells and yes, Poo!


Anyways, back to my story.  The vet prescribed her some anti nauseous meds and administered fluids.  She did great. But then the next day she was back to her abilities of not keeping any fluid inside her body at anytime of the day.  She had no fever and she was still lethargic.  I took her back to the vet that day.  They administered fluids again, since she responded so well to them the first time.  They ran some other tests to rule out parasites and sent me home with another pack of anti nauseous meds.  Her diet at this point consisted of boiled beef and rice and she loved it! Hopefully better then poo.

After about a week of treating, what seemed like the dog flu, she was back to her weird, derpy self.  This was such a relief considering I had little answers as to what was going on with her.

Now she lies next to me happy as can be as a small “Pffffff” escapes an end that I always avoid.


I love this little poo eater. Even when she chooses to shop for her own snacks when I am not looking.

Disclaimer: Eating poo is bad. Don’t do it.



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