When a Frenchie changes your life.

Never in a million years would I think that my dog would ever teach me something. Well Folks here it is.  To start off, my family and I were always Dachshund people and we loved those little wiener dogs, and we still do.  But the day I bought my first Frenchie, something happened.  Something inspiring, uplifting, and positive.

Shandy Belle came to me from Jacksonville, NC and I drove from MD to go get her.  As soon as I met her my mood/soul/mind became clear. Loving her would change my outlook on my life and make me a better person.  As soon as the breeder introduced me to the two females she had, Shandy immediately crawled up my chest and rested her little head on my shoulder licking my ear.  She was mine! I could not leave there without her.

Life before Shandy was just “ok”.  I was living in Baltimore at the time and I wasn’t super happy with myself and who I was.  My career was still alittle rocky and my mind was lost and bored most of the time.  Shandy changed all of that. The more I think about it, the more I realize how much of an impact she made on my life.  I changed my priorities and my personality began to brighten again. I loved her so much and I knew I had to be the best for her.

She inspired me to do new things and go on new adventures.  I also started this blog, which is a great outlet to express my thoughts and tell our stories.  I think I get the story telling from my dad’s side of the Family. Grandpa is and always will be the best story teller I know.

I knew it was time to tell this story, when I woke up this morning and she was smiling back up at me in her burrito blanket fort, with the kindest eyes imaginable.  Her eyes show so much emotion and her expressions are limitless.  I like to think that I always know what she is thinking.  She was saying “you are special, and I love you so much” and also “mom, I don’t wanna get up yet.”

With Shandy, I feel like a better person.  I am happy, easy-going, and more flexible to stress in my daily life.  I smile more, and laugh so much.  She brings out the best part of me.

My interest in trying new things and experiencing all that there is to do and see increased.  Taking her with me to different places is always an adventure and usually I end up writing about it because she did something silly and acted like a nut.  I love telling people about her and sharing her moments, only to notice that it also makes others happy and smile.  She is such a clown and I know I will have more stories to share in the future, but I wanted to make it known that she is my little frog hero.


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