Froodies, booties, and goofy hats…oh my!

Dressing a Frenchie for the cold weather can be both an art project and a wrestling match.  But always enjoyable.  They love to be warm and cuddle in front of the fire and under the covers, but when its time to go outside, the decision of outerwear counts!

2016-02-15 19.37.32

Shandy is 1 years old, she will be 2 in June.  For the whole 1.5 years I have been lucky enough to call her mine, she has been lucky enough to have an extended wardrobe ready for any season.

Why do you need all those clothes, you may say?  Well Have you ever seen a Frenchie in a hoodie?  It’s life changing…..

Snow apparel can be a mixture of comfort and function.  Always be sure to keep your Frenchie warm and protected when they are in the harsh elements of Winter.  The cold, wind, salt (from plows), ice, etc will make your little fur nugget itchy or even sick.  Be careful, the salt they lay down is not animal friendly, especially for a sensitive Frenchie.

My solution: Shoes Top Paw PawZ Waterproof Booties

Pros: Easy to put on, They stay on, protect from salt or other road chemicals.

Cons: Limited uses per pair, pricey, smell like a balloon.

Options for winter coats include: Velcro, Froodies, a pull over, etc but make sure the jacket is at least water resistant.  Recently I purchase a Froodie from their etsy page and this jacket is by far my favorite.  The Froodie comes with a slit for a harness, a wider chest area, a bat-ear hood, and its made of Fleece.  I chose a purple color,which looks absolutely Royal on Shandy.

Pros:  easy to put on, looks adorable, very warm, harness slit

Cons: hard to get off (but it could be because my frenchie has long dancers legs), and its alittle expensive.

I would definitely purchase another Froodie in the future. I love the hoody attached to the coat because it keeps her precious ears warm and protected.

Head Gear: Because the noggin gets cold too!

Though the hats look cute, moments later they were all on the floor or in her mouth.  Especially the stocking hat in the middle. She swirled her head around in attempt to attack the small green ball at the end.  The light blue hat is from Snorf Industries.  The middle stocking hat is from Stylin Dogs Boutique on etsy.  Finally the hat with the ginormous fuzzy ball I found at my local American Eagle Outfitter.

Always remember,  your Frenchie needs to be warm just like you during those cold months.  Make the correct/cutest decision and buy something to keep them warm.


2016-02-15 19.56.33          2016-02-14 20.20.56

*Disclaimer:  I was not paid to say or review the products listed in this post. I simply reviewed them so you may enjoy my thoughts about those products.


2 thoughts on “Froodies, booties, and goofy hats…oh my!

  1. Shandy looks adorable in all her fashion wear! The Froodie is brilliant! Now when she tries to shake it off it just moves with her and doesn’t fall off I love it! What size did you buy for her? I want to get the bunny coat for her 🙂


  2. She loves her Froodie, I bought her a size regular and it fits nicely. Under the arms are a bit snug but it stretches. They will make small alterations if needed so the Froodie fits perfectly. Their customer service is the best! @FroodiesHoodies


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