Let’s talk about the time my dog ate the pickle ornament

While in the shower yesterday, my mischievous French Bulldog Shandy decided it would be a good time to taste the delicacy of a glass pickle.  Yes, thats right, I said a “glass pickle.”

The pickle represents good luck/fortune in the coming year.  On Christmas Day the pickle is hidden in the tree and the first person to find the pickle would receive good luck/fortune.

This year I got my own pickle ornament to hang and before I could even get it out of the bag, Shandy made an executive decision that this wasn’t going to happen.  Now to make things clear, she didn’t swallow any pieces so you can rest easy knowing that I am not a bad pup-mom and haven’t taken her to the vet.  She is perfectly ok, besides being moody due to the tantrum she threw after I disciplined (firm tone voice with alittle finger shake at the scene of the crime) her.

After making sure I have made my point to a 1 year old puppy, I quickly located all the pieces of the broken pickle.  Then grabbed a vacuum and got rid of the smaller pieces.

I guess this year we won’t be having a pickle on my tree. Shandy said so.


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