It’s All fun and games until someone is covered in Blue!!!!


The 4th of July was definitely a weekend to remember. Everyone put on their patriotic attire, including Shandy!

Thursday we arrived to a monsoon of Rain, which gave us a perfect excuse to entertain ourselves with card games and tasty beverages.  We chose Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.  The delicious lemony fresh goodness never disappoints.  Later we realized that too many too quickly, ends in napping and binge eating Old Bay Cheese Curls.  Before the naps we managed to fit in a impromptu football catch on the beach. This is when Shandy performed her first act of magic.  When we returned, we found her running around outside of her cage. It appeared that she unzipped the crate with her nose/teeth. (My reaction:  small headshake with a tiny giggle)

2015-07-02 13.22.04     2015-07-02 13.22.12    2015-07-02 19.04.49

Friday was a great day! Beautiful weather mixed with amazing company was a concoction for great memories, but little did we know that Shandy Belle had a different plan for me.   Shandy Belle started her day with some morning Yoga with Roxas then some ominous chair sitting.  I knew then, that I was in for a treat later.

2015-07-02 13.34.29     2015-07-03 08.50.05    2015-07-03 08.51.46

The beach was amazing and I felt like I could lay there forever.  Once again we settled Shandy Belle (aka: tiny escape artisit) into her crate once again to only realize when we came back that “Mesh can’t hold her back.”  She managed to rip a small hole into the mesh opening, in which she escaped like Ace Ventura out of an elusive fake Rhino in the movie “When natures calls.”  (My reaction: Many head shakes, following by a realization that she is more of an handful then expected)

We showered and ventured into the town for some lunch and cocktails from Mangos.  The people watching was entertaining and the weather was perfect.  After making the difficult decision between some fresh fries or coconut ice cream we came back to the condo to decide our next mission. 2015-07-03 14.17.05

As we approached the condo,  we searched for Shandy’s sweet face in the window. We left the shade open so we could see her, since we left her out of her crate (previously ruined) and in the bedroom.  At first we didn’t see her but when we peered inside, we saw a small white puppy, covered in what looked like smurf blood. Naturally, I immediately thought… “Epic war paint for the 4th of July…… Then…………. what in the Hell did she get into” but the only thing that came out of my mouth was “Uh…Why is she Blue??!!!” I frantically burst through the door and looked in the bedroom and as I did she frolicked out of the room and played an evil game of keep away throughout the rest of the place.  As all four of us chased her to various parts of the place in attempt to stop her from painting the furniture, she jumped over our hands, went through out legs, and thought it was the greatest game ever!!…….This was not amusing 😐

Finally we caught her and locked her in the bathroom where should couldn’t escape or find anything to turn herself a new shade of America.

Now, What is it do you think she got into?……yep you will be correct, it was a blue sharpie pen that I had in my beach bag.  I am not sure why it was in there but she managed to find that and a pack of gum and think it would be a good idea to eat it.  Let me “paint” you a picture (no pun intended)……..As you walk into the bedroom you see blue on the floor, on the wall, on the beadspread, on my clothes, in her crate, inside my suitcase, ERRRRRRRRRRRvyWhere!!!!!!……So I got to cleaning.  Everything came up and I thanked the smurf gods that I could clean everything back to its original condition.  The only thing completely ruined was the bedspread and a couple throw pillows.  That is a pretty good score considering all the $$$$$ running through my head to fix her little art session.

We found the exact same bed set at a nearby Bed Bath and Beyond and I began my journey to retrieve the last piece to fix Shandy’s Blue Mess.  The 15 minute car trip cost about $300 and took about 2 hours to complete due to the FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND TRAFFIC but I managed to get everything I needed plus some bloody mary mix, cuz………vodka.

IMG951439 IMG956433Shandy Belle looking like Braveheart after an intense Dawn Soap Bath.  I wish I would have taken a before picture because you would have been impressed with the amount of Blue was originally on her.

Needless to say, she was ready for Saturday, the 4th of July, and her outfit was not coming off.  During my trip to Bed Bath and Beyond, I also managed to pick up a new crate that was escape proof because I did not want to come back to another masterpiece of epic proportions.

Saturday was a little cloudy in the morning but turned out to be great weather which we enjoyed from multiple deck bar in Dewy Beach.  Today was Brenda’s Birthday and the celebrations were everywhere. It was so much fun and we even managed to hear some steel drums and other live music.  Perfect mixture for a great time!

Though Shandy Belle was crazy and I learned alot about stain removal, I had a blast with my friends Mike, Sherri, and Brenda and I wouldn’t change anything that we experienced, including Picasso Shandy who slept the whole way home on my lap, next to a blue spotted comforter.

2015-07-05 10.11.47


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