How to Train your Dragon…..I mean Frenchie?

Shandy is 1 year 1 month today.  But she still acts like the little 4 month old bundle of Snorty Joy that I brought home from Jacksonville, NC.  Some may say she is well behaved but what they don’t know is that secretly she is a Fire-Breathing ( Horrible Farts), Flying (Jumping from incredible heights), castle protector (protects her mommy).

2015-05-16 18.14.36


Everyday she learns new things, most of the time good.  Sometimes I feel like I am living in a Sour Patch Kids Commercial. She will be a crazy, paper ripping, pen bursting, chair chewing mess but then the next moment she is cuddling up to me or giving knee licks (cuz she isn’t tall enough to reach your face).  Oh and don’t get me started on the NASCAR Running. She turns into #88 and rips through the house like a tornado in a constant path. It is both hilarious and stressful because you don’t know if she is going to hurt herself, knock over something or simply have a glorious time.  The Marina is a good place for her to get her Zoomies out so no one gets hurt, including the lamp.

2015-05-29 17.54.28


Though she may be Small and Crazy, she is still my Fur Baby and I love her so much! Because the times where she simply looks at you like you mean the world to her or when she cuddles directly on top of you (usually on your legs or face), make all her shenanigans worth the trouble.

2015-05-24 19.39.30      2015-07-02 19.04.49    2015-07-05 10.11.47


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