Lifestyles of the Penthouse living Frenchie

So over the last couple weeks Shandy and I have moved into a new home.  This home is only ours and its going to be a great start to the best times of our lives.   A lot happened since we have been new home owners and I wanted to share them through Shandy’s eyes/ears.  I asked her politely to record her recent happenings with promise of more treats and extra belly rubs.

2015-07-18 07.35.08 2015-07-18 07.35.16

Shandy approaches the recording device, licks it, sits on it, then turns around and lays down on it and finally says “My human brought me to this strange building with all these new smells.  The other humans seem to be boring or preoccupied most of the time, though there are a small few that will give me salami in the elevator.  While my human is away making money to buy me more treats, I hear the old humans speaking and carrying about in the hallway.  I wanna talk so I speak in my frenchie tongue and to my dismay, I was tattled on.  My Queen Human came home and explained how we had to go shopping for a new crate because I apparently am not allowed to partake in said hallway conversations.  So I crop dusted their hallway and Queen Human was pleased.

After a long conversation about the etiquette I am supposed to be displaying, I licked my lady parts and stared at her with my lip stuck on my tooth.  She tackled me with kisses and we both knew that, it didn’t matter what people said in the apartment, as long as they stop telling on us.  We needed a plan. Not one of bribery but one of charm.  We would be the kindest, most loving neighFB_IMG_1438040093882bors in all of Eastport.  My throne with which I reside during the day is a 30″ by 25″ cube of comfort.  I am very pleased with this and have stopped barking for the meantime.

Later in the week my human had the bright idea to hang her pictures herself. Lets just say, if you squint then they all appear to be straight and even. Home improvement is going to be a tough one for my human.  Its a good thing she has friends.

During the day, while my queen human is at work, she sends her royal subjects to come walk me and give me belly rubs.  Its the best.  Erin and Amber from the Annapolis Dog Walkers are so nice. They give me so much love and humor my fast pace speed walking with occasional pee stops.  After a long walk we play on the floor and then I rest my entire body on the cool floor.


What a life! I am sure the adventures will be plentiful and exciting from here on out! I hope my Human can handle it!”


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