New Couches and Toys, make everyone HAPPY!

After being Dormant on this site for over a couple weeks, its time for me to share with you some great memories from the last month.

2015-08-08 07.19.02

It was a monumental month for me, I officially purchased my first couch!  Shandy is constantly finding different positions on it to feel comfortable. I think it is safe to say that she approves.  I purchased it from and got free delivery, which for a couch is awesome! Abbyson Living has done a great job combining comfort, luxury, and craft.  Check is out!  Its made out of this super comfortable linen material that doesn’t look cheap.  The construction is solid and very sturdy so I know it will last me awhile. My favorite thing about the couch is the chaise. Its perfect size for Shandy and I, especially when I want to be the big spoon.

I think shandy forgot how to be a lady on the couch. Silly Girl

2015-08-12 19.15.19She has her popcorn toy and she is ready to watch a movie. Our Favorite movies are on the Disney Channel.

This little nugget of a picture is one of my favorites.  I have been crazy busy at work so I have brought some work home to catch up and meet deadlines.  This display of sweet elation is a perfect example of why it is so hard for me to work from home. I can’t help but leave my desk to squeeze her wrinkly face and fall deep into her precious moments.  Some call me obsessed, I call it life’s little blessing. Sweet Baby Shandy Belle.

2015-08-12 19.38.42

This Pink bird thingy is actually at 3 foot long flamingo.  This purchase was probably foolish on my part, but she LOVES it! Also I get to tie it around her and giggle at the struggle.  She is the Best.  2015-08-09 15.41.18

All in all, The last couple months have been some of the best the year, maybe even my life.  I am still in complete awe after purchasing my first place.  Shandy and I are building a beautiful life here in Annapolis, MD.  The story has just begun, stay tuned……….

2015-08-14 06.47.22


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