Sunday Funday……..Brunches, Crushes, and Great Company

Welp, I can’t help but say that “Today was a good day”

Starting the day off @ brunch with April was a beautiful beginning to an otherwise normal Sunday.  Iron Rooster in Downtown Annapolis did not disappoint. It was delicious. I ordered the California Club Omelet with homemade hashbrowns.  Yummmmm.  To settle our delicious feast, we walked around downtown and visited our favorites spots in search of great bar service…..which is still yet to be seen.

4pm rolled around and I needed to rescue my sweet baby lamb(Shandy) from the comfortable bed in my parents kitchen. She often liked using both her bed and Max’s (13 year old dachshund).  She is definitely a bed hog.

Shandy and I gathered our things and some delicious beverages and went to visit our friends on Back Creek. Shandy enjoyed a delicious branch covered in leaves, while I munched on the sweetest corn of the season, thanks to Abby and her produce stand.  The sunset and the urge to see this from the water was strong.  All 8 of us pilled into T’s boat (a distinguished yet vintage craft) for some orange crushes on the water.  Shandy loved the boat and did laps around the engine housing looking for the best view of the water.  Please don’t think I am a bad mommy for not putting a life vest on her but I had forgotten it. There were plenty of volunteers there that offered to keep an eye on her while I dabbled in precision orange crush creation.

Shandy sat on her throne (dilapidated and sun bleached cushion) and it was at that moment that I realized she was the happiest dog on the plant and I was the happiest doggie mommy in the world.

2015-06-28 18.55.07  2015-06-28 18.55.30 2015-06-28 19.10.532015-06-28 18.55.17


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