Blazin Hot Weekend, was a great excuse to get Wet! 

This Weekend I woke with all intentions of taking Shandy Paddle Boarding, but to my dismay she was unable to be submerged due to an ear infection.  This lead to me chasing her around the house like nascar with my arms outstretched in an attempt to wrangle her and clean her ears.  Eventually I was able to corner her, like a giggling child running from her mother, and do what was necessary to help her itchiness.

Then the heat arrived in an aggressive cloud of hot and humid air. We brought out the baby pool and filled it with about 3 inches of water and then put a bunch of balls inside. Shandy hopped right in like a small baby lamb and loved the relief from the heat.  They say to keep your smush face dog out of the heat for long periods of time. Therefore playtime only lasted about 30 minutes.

2015-06-13 07.34.05 2015-06-13 07.34.07 2015-06-13 07.34.11

What do you like to do with your animals when it is too hot outside?


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