How to get pink eye from your Frenchie

Let me start off with saying…..I did not get pink eye from Shandy.  But it might happen one day. Let me explain……

2015-09-12 14.27.13

Last night, she was cuddled in my arms backwards with her butt facing me. The firing zone was dangerously close to my face and on top of my pillow.

Enjoying the snuggles was short lived when I felt the rapid fire of machine gun toots into my armpit.  As I am giggling, Shandy lays fast asleep.

Because I couldn’t bear to move her, I created a barrier of blankets (in the wash today for fear of getting pink eye in the future).

This scenario is proof that pink eye is possible due to the Frenchie Flatulent.  Be aware, be clean, be proactive.  This is my message for the day. 🙂



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