Explaining Surgery to a Frenchie……

January 2015 I got the news that my precious derpy diva was going to need knee surgery in the near future.  I was told that she had stage 3 Platellar Subluxation in her rear right leg. This basically means that her little knee doesn’t stay where it should. It moves laterally in a very uncomfortable popping motion.  The cost of this surgery ranges from $2,500-$3,500.  I immediately started saving money……no more late night happy hours, no shopping, no more Starbucks. .

All this is worth it. Just look at this face!

2015-08-29 10.35.03

Finally I think I am ready to help my little girl fix her “Benjamin Button” knee. Dr. Burgess from the Chesapeake Surgery Center is working on Shandy tomorrow for most of the day. He says it will be like a puzzle and the pieces will have to fit perfectly together for it to work correctly.  I am so confident that he will be able to make her feel better.  So this evening after getting locked out of the condo for 25 minutes because I couldn’t get the key out of the door and then apparently letting Shandy enjoy the buffet line of bird poop along the pier (it was errrywhere. there was no way to dodge it), I decided to tell her what will be happening tomorrow. This was her response…….

2015-08-30 17.41.04            2015-08-30 17.41.16            2015-08-27 06.39.46

Needless to say, she is oblivious to whats about to happen and I am so thankful that she is happy go lucky kinda puppy all the time. I hope this carries over to Wednesday when I pick her up. I want her smiling face to be lite up when I come to pick her up.

Prayers, Thoughts, and Good Vibes sent to my Shandy Girl!


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